Proxy Cinewhoop 4" Universal Duct FULL Conversion Kit (Set of 4) - 16x16xM3
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Proxy Cinewhoop 4" Universal Duct FULL Conversion Kit (Set of 4) - 16x16xM3

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The proven performance of Proxy's highly tuned signature UDP-Guards - can now be enjoyed on ANY cinewhoop AND naked prop frame!

Limited Edition 16x16mm M3 version! 🔥

This FULL CONVERSION KIT enables you to CONVERT and REPLACE a 3" prop cinewhoop's ducts AND basically any FPV drone with a 3.5" or more diameter clearance that use a 16x16mm M3 motor! 

..or to say it a littler simpler, these will fit and convert a 3" prop cinewhoop and also converts frames that originally use 3.5"- 4" "naked" props into a SMOOTH and SAFE, HIGH PERFORMANCE 3" prop DUCTED quad!

If you're replacing old ducts that your cinewhoop came with then you're in for a treat! Your cinewhoop will fly soo much better just by switching to my highly tuned Proxy Cinewhoop Ducts! The feeling is like you're flying on rails with ultimate control!

And if you're converting a "naked prop" setup into a high performance cinewhoop you will be equally delighted! You will be able to simply and easily install the kit and instantly fly safer and smoother than ever before while unlocking indoor flight and MORE! 🗝🔓😍

In most situations you can even use the same tune before and after the conversion so it's extremely easy to go back and forth depending on your needs at that moment for true versitility and efficiency. Think two quads in ONE! ✌🏼

SOOO QUIET!! Proxy Cinewhoop Ducts have the LOWEST noise of any FPV Drone ducts or guards available on planet Earth! Even quieter flight performance than naked PROPS! 🤫👍🏼

The fit is extremely UNIVERSAL and are mounted on top of your frame with the included hardware so they can be used to convert ANYTHING - NO LIMITATIONS! Just choose the correct motor bolt pattern for your application and you're ready to go! Available in 12x12mm M2 or 16x16mm M3 versions and includes correct length motor bolts in the kit as well!

And if you need a soft tip that helps reduce scratching when you bump into things while also helping to reduce stress in the arms, add the Proxy EXT/Universal Duct Shock Absorbing Arm Tips that fit this kit available HERE! 🛡

This kit is for 16x16mm M3 motor spacing!

(Also available in a 12x12mm M2 version)


- (4) Injected Proxy Ducts for 3" Prop

- (4) Carbon Fiber Adapters (for 16x16mm M3 motor pattern)

- (12) M2 Mounting Bolts

- (32) M3 Motor Screws

- (4) Zip Ties