GF Penta-Blade (5-blade) Props - 76MM (3")
GF Penta-Blade (5-blade) Props - 76MM (3")

GF Penta-Blade (5-blade) Props - 76MM (3")

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Works with both 5mm Mount AND T-Mount motors!! 🔥😍

Do you like flowers!  Well you’re gonna LOVE these!

In all seriousness, Gemfan has been killing it with the props and from initial testing, this is actually a legitimate prop and not just a gimmick.  Compared to the triblade version, this prop is 1mm larger in diameter setting at 2.99”, a gram heavier, has two more blades, has the mutli mount center hub for T-mount motors and maybe most importantly, an even fatter more aggressive blade profile..  Flight performance is notably quieter while grip is improved a bit.  To expand on the noise profile, it’s louder at idle but quieter throughout the rest of the throttle range.  Overall efficiency is shockingly the same and actually better if you’re flying high weights past 540g AUW but peak amp draw is definitely higher.  So cruising around in typical CineWhoop fashion you’ll just be flying a quieter quad that handles a bit better.  As for throttle management, this prop seems to be better at generating thrust lower in the RPM range but that also means the throttle is a bit more touchy.  It would probably be best to consider 3S for lower weight cinewhoops or higher weight loadout of 530g and above if you’re planning on 4S.  Gemfan recommends this prop for lower ~2800kv motors and 4S.

So far we’ve only tested these on the StanFPV ducts.  It’s important to point that out because the StanFPV ducts tend to have more overall duct-like effect vs most other ducts out there.  The above description may not be accurate for your particular cinewhoop with different ducts.  Also, these props are a little bigger than the previous triblade version.  It is completely normal for the props to grind on the ducts a bit when you first spin them up.  This is actually a good thing because the props are very close to the ducts which is what you want..  Let it idle for a dozen seconds or so and the props will grind themselves down and stop making whizzing noises.

Lastly, this prop was tested on the V2 Stan FPV 2203 3390kv T mount motor which has a different performance profile compared to any 15XX, 16XX or 18XX motor available today.  The above description of performance again may be very different for you if you’re using any 15-18 size motor.


  • Our scale says 2.9g
  • 7mm hub thickness
  • Polycarbonate
  • M5 mount AND T-mount!