DIY Kits (ANALOG) - by Stan FPV
Stan FPV

DIY Kits (ANALOG) - by Stan FPV

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The PERFECT way to get INTO FPV as a beginner to learn the great skills of FPV Drone Building / Repair as well! Also an AMAZING time saver if you're a VETERAN and are just in the market for a new TOP-TIER drone!

Includes the best of EVERYTHING you need to build 1 FULL ANALOG FPV DRONE per category you choose. Every part, every heat shrink, every wire, connector, zip tie, foam pad.. everything - is included. You also receive all the accessory mounts that come with your frame choice, so you can use your drone in a variety of useful, powerful, and/or efficient ways depending on YOUR needs - all included! All you need to do is solder and assemble! Very soon, I will also be releasing build videos for each model of the DIY Kits to follow step by step as well, so it really can't be any easier unless I build the drone for you! (also an option!)

Kits Available:

  • Stallion S-22 (5" Kit) - (Symmetrical X, Compact, Hybrid) (4s, 6s) (Analog) (Crossfire, Tracer, ESLR)
  • Stallion S-22 (6" Kit) - (6s) (Analog) (Crossfire, Tracer, ESLR)
  • Stallion S-22 (7" Kit) - (4s, 6s) (Analog) (Crossfire, Tracer, ESLR)
  • Feather Lightweight (5" Kit) - (3s-4s / 4s-6s) (Analog) (Crossfire, Tracer, ESLR)
  • Proxy (Naked Kit) - (3s-4s) (Analog) (Crossfire, Tracer, ESLR)
  • Proxy (Ducted Kit) - (3s-4s) (Analog) (Crossfire, Tracer, ESLR)
  • Cine-Bird OG (Invisible Kit) - (3"-4") (3s-4s) (GoPro MAX Version, Insta360 One-R Version, Rylo Version)(Analog) (Crossfire, Tracer, ESLR)
  • Cine-Bird XL (Invisible Kit) - (4"-6") (3s-4s) (GoPro MAX Version, Insta360 One-R Version)(Analog) (Crossfire, Tracer, ESLR)