Cine-Bird OG One-R Lens Guards/ND Filter Clips - Printed Set
Cine-Bird OG One-R Lens Guards/ND Filter Clips - Printed Set
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Cine-Bird OG One-R Lens Guards/ND Filter Clips - Printed Set

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This is for the 2 piece CLIP printed ready-to-use set that enables you to use the ORIGINAL One-R Cine-Bird Mounts and easily adds the ability to attach the One-R 360 Lens Guards or the Freewell 360 One-R ND Filters for even more lens safety and cinematic potential with more motion blur control using your Cine-Bird OG One-R rigs! 🔥🔥

Note: adding the lens guards makes it so that you can NOT go as close to subjects because the lenses are then farther apart. The stitch line will suffer the closer you go. Medium to far away is still okay tho 👌🏼

A PRO of the increased lens distance from the guards is that you have MORE HEIGHT for BIGGER/THICKER BATTERIES! That is a pretty cool thing!

This clip set was designed by an early Cine-Bird OG pilot that has already made some amazing work using thesr clips he designed to retrofit his own Cine-Bird!

When Stan saw the clips amidst his extremely busy schedule, he immediately contacted the designer and started working something out to get these out and easily available to the other amazing Stan FPV pilots!

A portion of every "Clips Sale" will go DIRECTLY to the designer because at Stan FPV, Stan wants to do for people what very few did for him in his career. He knows the hard work involved in designing and developing something actually functional and so we are starting with this item to recognize and give something back to those that are giving to fpv and creating new ways to use their Cine-Bird FPV Frame! 🔥🔥

*.stl also available for "print your own" private use version


*One-R "Guards" not included 


Fly like a bird! 🦅