BEST Solder for FPV Drone Building

BEST Solder for FPV Drone Building

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This is the solder I use every single day and I literally wouldn't recommend using ANYTHING else! It's THAT good! ♥

You get a nice leaded solder to work with that has the perfect amount of flux built in with the ability to be cleaned using 91% or higher alcohol to a mirror like finish!

And don't worry at all - you have to literally eat it or rub lead into your eyes or wounds to get any lead to do anything bad. So just be aware, don't consume it in your mouth, wash your hands thoroughly afterwards and it's perfectly safe! The smoke that is made during soldering isn't even lead, it is the flux! It would take an extremely higher temperature than we use to turn lead or other metals to to smoke!

This amazing solder is one of my most important tricks of the trade and when used correctly can make your building easier and also has the potential to make your solder joints look a MILLION TIMES more beautiful with the same technique! (maybe not a million, but it's up there!! 😍)

Product Specifications:

60/40 Solder Rosin ""44"" Is A High Activity Ra Core Flux Designed For Excellent Instant Wetting Action, Even On Nickel Surfaces.

Although ""44"" Is A Ra-Based Material, The Residues Are Non-Corrosive If Not Cleaned.

Per J-Std-004, ""44"" Is Classified As Rom1 Flux.

• Type: Wire

• Alloy: 60/40 (60% Tin, 40% Lead)

• Description/Function: Wire Solder

• Diameter: 0.031" (1.57 Mm)

• Core Size: 66• Contains Lead: Yes

• Package Type: Spool

• Weight: 1 Lb

You will not regret stocking this stuff and honestly if you're a traditional hobbiest, one spool may last you literally forever! ♥