Apex Frame + HERO10 / HERO9 Protective TPU Cam Mount
Apex Frame + HERO10 / HERO9 Protective TPU Cam Mount
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Apex Frame + HERO10 / HERO9 Protective TPU Cam Mount

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My friend Steele Davis (Mr. Steele) asked me to design him a new mount for his APEX the HERO9 (also fits Hero10!) that was light-weight yet strong, fully protected the front, sides, and lens while allowing full use of the rear screen. It also had to be able to use the GoPro "anti-battery-mod" to lighten up the bulky HERO9 if needed in the same mount and had to be easy to get in and out, yet SECURE while installed.. Thats not an easy task to do especially for such a LEGEND so I worked extra hard to make it happen and let me tell you, this mount DELIVERS in EVERY WAY - I won't fly my HERO9 without one now! 


It checks off a ton of boxes like:

- FULL front, side, and lens PROTECTION! 🛡

- 100% front and rear SCREEN VIEWABLE and USABLE in-mount!

- VERY secure when in, yet much EASIER to get in and out than side-slide style mounts! 👌🏼

- Made of HIGH QUALITY TPU Rubber! 💪🏽

- Mics open! 📢

- GoPro anti-battery-mod capable! 🔋

- Light-weight as possible while retaining durability and function!

- Specific to the Impulserc Apex and HERO9 cam 🔩

- Only ~30g! ⚖


Available in:

2 camera angles - 15 degree / 25 degree

13 colors!! 🎨🌈

Black, Grey, White, Transparent, Red, Blue, Lime Green, Dark Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink, and Purple! 😍