Stan FPV STL's (for personal use only)
Stan FPV

Stan FPV STL's (for personal use only)

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If you're looking to save some money, or just itching to do as much yourself as possible (DIY Power!) - you now have the option to 3D print your own TPU Mounts for eligible Stan FPV Frames & Accessories!

These are the same mounts and accessories sent with Stan FPV Kits and allow you reduce price, shipping size, and weight! You only need to buy the CARBON & ACCESSORIES then print the TPU mounts in the comfort of your own home.


"I have worked extremely hard on every single one of these designs. Time / Effort / Money / Troubleshooting / Improving / Time Away From Family / Time Away From The Sticks / and more - all things I have sacrificed and put into these. I sincerely appreciate your respect and dignity keeping this hard work private and personal. I have kept all files to myself for 2+ years with requests every day to release them, so I am taking a leap of faith in the community here and this experiment will guage if I release any more designs!"

- StanFPV


*All design files are sold for personal, private use ONLY and can in no way be used to sell or make a profit in any form - printed, virtual or any other media. Do not make changes in any way.

Copyright Stan FPV 2018-2021 All Rights Reserved


Make sure to get both parts 1/2 and 2/2 when purchasing the One-R Lens Clips!


All designs are still available to arrive printed by Stan FPV as well if you need!


Be responsible, have fun, and fly like a Bird!!

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