Bird Food Series 1100mah 4s 100C FLAT High Performance LiPo FPV Drone Battery
Bird Food Series 1100mah 4s 100C FLAT High Performance LiPo FPV Drone Battery

Bird Food Series 1100mah 4s 100C FLAT High Performance LiPo FPV Drone Battery

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FPV Birds need QUALITY FUEL - Feed them RIGHT with Bird Food High-Performance FLAT Lipos!

It took over a YEAR to make these radically new lipos a reality, but it was worth the wait!

Bird Food 4s FLAT PACKS are finally HERE!! 😍🔥

The absolute perfect lipo for your Cine-Bird XL and MORE!

This new lipo series from Stan FPV + CNHL packs a ton of CRAZY 4 CELL 100C POWER in a height that's wayy under the limitations to be "invisible!" This means that with your Cine-Bird XL Invisible Drone you'll get:


They are perfectly matched and were designed for the Cine-Bird Frame and Stan FPV 2604 Pro motors!! ♥ Together you get amazing performance, high reliability, power and flight time that is hard to believe until you experience it for yourself!! 🦅

You can also use these lipos as an upgrade for most any 4"-7" Cinematic and Freestyle set-ups! 🔥🔥🔥

That's right - this COMPLETELY NEW FORM FACTOR also works great for "normal FPV quads" that don't need to be invisible! By placing the lipo on any top-mount quad "vertically" you get a much more aerodynamic aircraft by creating a "fin" with your lipo! 🦈

This method also makes it ultra easy and stable to double and even TRIPLE these lipos together side by side on non-invisible set-ups for a TON OF MAH and much longer flight times! (especially with Stan FPV 2604 Motors! 15+ mins easy!) ⌚😲

This Product:

  • 1100mah 4s 100C Bird Food FLAT PACKS Lipo Battery (good for keeping things 25g lighter, more nimble, and even thinner - enough to use a real battery strap on the XL!) 


Other Size Available: 1300mah 4s 100C Bird Food FLAT Pack


Specs for 1100mah 4s 100C Version:

Capacity 1100mAh
Voltage 14.8V / 4-Cell / 4S1P
Discharge Rate 100C Continual / 200C Burst
Charge Rate 5C Max
Size 16x68x75mm
Weight 149g (Including wire and connector)
Output Connector XT60
Balance Connector JST/XH



SHIPPING NOTE: (I don't make the rules)

  • USA Shipping please choose UPS ground shipping ONLY for lipos. No limitation on quantity.
  • INTERNATIONAL ORDERS WELCOME, but to ship they must be shipped with any drone frame, and I can only ship 3 per frame. For example: If you needed 4-6 lipos you would need 2 air frames for them to ship with. Lipos can not ship out of the USA from Stan FPV by themselves. If ordered internationally with nothing other then lipos or no frames to go with them, we will unfortunately have to refund your order and/or contact you to make changes to adhere to these rules. Thank you for understanding and helping us follow shipping laws! 


* Lipos are safe, but can be dangerous if handled improperly.

* ALWAYS BE RESPONSIBLE when handling and using high powered lipos.

* Stan FPV and China Hobby Line are in NO WAY RESPONSIBLE for any damage caused by the use of this product in any way. Pilot accepts all risks.

* For Adult Use ONLY. 

* Lipo Sales Final - No Returns on LIPO BATTERIES.


"Fly like a Bird!"

- Stan Maziarz Jr (Stan FPV)

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