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Hi!! 🙂 My name is Stan Maziarz Jr, "Stan FPV" in the FPV drone world 👋🏼 I have been doing this FPV stuff for quite some time now and have helped thousands of pilots all around the world achieve better, smoother, safer, and more CREATIVE flight. Things weren't always so easy for me tho and I've learned the hard way a time or two (or hundreds!)

The goal of this "Links and Recommendations" page is to help answer some of the questions I get asked the most often to help facilitate your chances of success in FPV! With this helpful information you can skip some of the expensive mistakes from the start by following these links and recommendations. 

Here is a wide list of products I have used and found to help me in some way that I would like to recommend from my experience. 

Some of these links may be associate links that give me a small commission without costing you anything. It is a great way to help support me, fuel R&D and to pay some bills so that I can keep doing what I do for the FPV community. I love you guys and I sincerely appreciate if you use any of these links or recommendations. 

It is truly a win win by helping you save money and get the correct products the first time, and helps me recoop some of the tremendous amount of money I spend testing things to learn WHAT to recommend and help my supporters skip a lot of that expensive part. I am a relatively small business now, but I have HUGE dreams and ideas - so jump aboard and hold on tight.. With your support we can do great things!

Thru years and years of living, experiencing and gathering knowledge about FPV (and so many other things), here is my accumulation of recommendations on the following subjects. Everything here is from MY REAL EXPERIENCE and I am not being paid by anyone to alter my opinions in order to sell bad products. These are products that will really help - not paid promotions in any way, nor will they ever be! 🤘🏼 Also if I can find a deal on what I use and recommend, I will pass it onto you!


Recommended Beginner Drone Combo:

- DJI FPV Combo (Ready to Fly FPV set up that helps transition from the world of dji to the world of FPV - or - helps new pilots learn and progress into FPV faster with safeguards and assists): Click Here 👈🏼👌🏼


 Recommended FPV Cameras:

- GoPro HERO9 Cam - Click Here

- GoPro MAX 360 Cam - Click Here

Insta360 One-R Cam (plus FREE accessory!) - Click Here

- Insta360 X2 (plus FREE case!) - Click Here

- Insta360 GOClick Here

- Mirrorless Sony - Click Here

- Canon DSLR - Click Here


Recommended Camera Accessories:

- HERO9 ND FiltersClick Here

- One-R ND FiltersClick Here

- One-R 360 ND FiltersClick Here


Recommended 3D Printers, Parts, and Filament:

- Ender 3 ProClick Here

- Ender 3 Pro V2Click Here

- Upgrade Glass BedClick Here

- Upgrade Tube and FittingsClick Here

- Upgrade SpringsClick Here

- PLA FilamentClick Here

- TPU FilamentClick Here


Accessories I Live By:

- Gimbal Click Here

- Electric Screw Driver - Click Here

- Air PurifierClick Here

- Soldering IronClick Here

- Standing Desk - Click Here

- Office ChairClick Here


This list will grow as I have time too so if you have anything you would like to know what to get, please email and I will be happy to add it to this list! <3



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