Feather - Frame Kit (Sub250g 5" Freestyle Capable Drone Frame)
Feather - Frame Kit (Sub250g 5" Freestyle Capable Drone Frame)
Feather - Frame Kit (Sub250g 5" Freestyle Capable Drone Frame)
Feather - Frame Kit (Sub250g 5" Freestyle Capable Drone Frame)
Feather - Frame Kit (Sub250g 5" Freestyle Capable Drone Frame)
Feather - Frame Kit (Sub250g 5" Freestyle Capable Drone Frame)
Feather - Frame Kit (Sub250g 5" Freestyle Capable Drone Frame)
Feather - Frame Kit (Sub250g 5" Freestyle Capable Drone Frame)
Feather - Frame Kit (Sub250g 5" Freestyle Capable Drone Frame)
Feather - Frame Kit (Sub250g 5" Freestyle Capable Drone Frame)
Stan FPV

Feather - Frame Kit (Sub250g 5" Freestyle Capable Drone Frame)

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Introducing The "Feather" Ultra Lightweight 5" FPV Drone Frame by Stan FPV!

Designed for PURE FUN - with a BIG dose of adrenaline packed into a very low weight package! The Feather flies like your best flying 5" "Cine/Freestyle" quads but at a weight that's low enough NOT to need registered in a lot of countries!

The Feather is a FREESTYLE and/or LIVESTREAM beast! Either rip this ultra light weight drone like a full size 5 inch and then some - OR - Live Stream EVENTS using a Caddx Nebula Pro and smart controller for amazing professional potential all while staying UNDER 250g!

It is not necessary to keep your build light weight if you don't want to! You can take your Feather build over 250g with a full size lipo and full GoPro using the optional vibration dampening Feather GoPro Screw Mount for a lightweight FULL USE OPTION!

Flight Video:

The FLIGHT FEEL is soo responsive with an AMAZING center of gravity and stiffness for it's size and weight - no vibes here! Just solid SMOOTH and RESPONSIVE AF 5" FLYING at UNDER 250g CAPABLE!

Feather has a SYMMETRICAL X Motor Layout - mixed with it's superb CoG gives this rig the best flight feeling and performance with very little set up, EVEN ON A STOCK TUNE!

The Feather was designed for both ANALOG & DJI HD FPV too w/ dedicated mounting for the Vista Air Unit!

The Feather has dual (M2)12x12 and (M3)16x16 normal motor bolt holes and also the new straight two base (M2)12x12 hole pattern recently released by my friend Tommy, so you have TONS of motor options you can choose to put on the Feather Frame by Stan FPV!

Motor options aside, we highly recommend using the motors the Feather was designed and tested around:

The way we can use such large 2203 motors, even on the Sub250g set-up, is by matching everything in a way that 3s voltage performs this well!! You will NOT BELIEVE this is 3s because it flies like 6s in this configuration!

Not only will you SAVE TREMENDOUS amounts of MONEY on lipo batteries (because 3s batteries and components are much less expensive than 6s!), and you will also benefit from the weight savings of the smaller voltage battery helping hit the weight goal easier with larger mah options!

Also Li-Ion is an AMAZING battery option for the FEATHER to fly for around 20 min+ per flight! It will be little heavier than 250g of course, but lightweight sub400g NPIV HD long range is also a GREAT option to build this frame for!


I started designing the Feather with a long list of goals to meet. It had to:

  • Be simple
  • Be versatile
  • Be affordable
  • Be easy to build
  • Be easy to set up / tune
  • Be top-mount battery
  • Be fun to fly
  • Be stiff/strong AF
  • Be low-profile
  • Be expandable
  • Be able to carry a naked or full GoPro/Insta360 cam if needed
  • Feel the same as a traditional 5" Freestyle Quad in-air
  • Accept both ANALOG and HD set-ups
  • Have great CoG
  • Have the electronics stack away from any arm mounting
  • Have easy access to stack soldering
  • Have access to USB
  • Have No Props In View (NPIV)(w/ FPV and GoPro)
  • Have an "under250g" set-up option w/o flight compromise
  • Have an easy and universal "one arm fits any side" design
  • Have removable - easily replaceable arm design
  • Have an optional "water-resistance" sleeve available to use or run w/o (coming this spring!)
  • Protect the motors in most common crash scenarios
  • Optimize airflow to keep electronics cooler
  • Fit 12x12, 16x16, and straight12x2 motor mounting
  • Fit 5" UDP-Guards
  • Look aesthetically pleasing
  • Accommodate Standard and "Toilet Tank" battery mounting
  • Increase strength and decrease weight
  • and more!

After months and months of research, design and testing I finally worked my way thru this extremely long list of demands for this new lightweight 5" frame - the results checked off every single goal. We can now practically guarantee the Stan FPV Feather Lightweight Freestyle FPV Drone is going to be one of the, if not the most, FUN drones you have ever flown. The goal here all around was "great usability and user experience" first. From build to set-up to flying, the Feather will get you there with a smile on your face and less hassle!

It even has mounting holes on top if you wanted to take it above 250g and mount a naked (or full!) GoPro / Insta360 to capture that crispy footage to watch and share after if you want better than the DJI HD footage. 

We include stronger steel screws in the kits, so if you want to drop even a few more grams you can switch to aluminum screws! We will have an aluminum screw kit for the Feather available as soon as we can source a version that meets Stan's strict quality standards! The steel version screws function great tho and are actually stronger (just a smidge heavier) and still "under 250g" capable!


Recommended Build for ~Sub250g(Analog):

Recommended Build for ~Sub250g(Digital):


Feather Specs:

  • Max Prop Size: 5"
  • Accepts Motors: 12x12 m2, 16x16 m3, 12x12 straight two m2
  • Accepts Electronics: AIO 26x26 holes & 20x20 holes
  • Accepts FPV Cam Size: Nano
  • Analog or Digital: Both available
  • Dedicated Mounting for Vista: Yes
  • Removable Arms: Yes
  • Battery Mounting Options: Traditional / Toilet Tank
  • Action Cam Mounting: Yes


Feather Frame Kit Includes

  • Carbon Fiber (Top Plate, Bottom Plate, Clamp Plate, 4 x Arms)
  • Hardware (Steel: (x10)M3x6mm Screws, (4)M3x8mm Screws, (4)M3x10mm Smooth Aluminum Standoffs, (2)M3x15mm Knurled Aluminum Standoffs, (4)M3 Pressnuts*pre-installed)
  • Front TPU Rubber Crash Protector Nano Camera Mount (comes in 13 colors!!)
  • Custom Die Cut Super Grippy Lipo Pad



* Always be responsible while flying and use proper judgement. Adhere to all your local laws and regulations.

* Although very lightweight, the Feather is still a 5" prop drone and should NEVER be flown around anyone without guards

* Stan FPV and affiliates are in no way responsible for any damage or harm caused by misuse with this product


"Fly like a Bird!" -Stan FPV