Cine-Bird OG FPV Frame Kit - TPU Mount Only
Cine-Bird OG FPV Frame Kit - TPU Mount Only
Cine-Bird OG FPV Frame Kit - TPU Mount Only
Cine-Bird OG FPV Frame Kit - TPU Mount Only
Stan FPV

Cine-Bird OG FPV Frame Kit - TPU Mount Only

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(NOTE: This is a Cine-Bird MOUNT ONLY - NO CARBON)

Meet the CINE-BIRD Cinematic FPV Drone Frame Kit by Stan FPV!

"Fly like a BIRD!" has been my slogan from the beginning and now that is more literal than ever!

The bird is such a special creature that gets to experience some of the most amazing flights on a daily basis! What they have, WE WANT! Now get as close to that feeling as ever before for yourself with the all new "Stan FPV Cine-Bird Drone Frame!"


Being my first official drone frame release I've put a ton of pride into this project. I've worked very hard to make it something that actually matters in a crowded sea of carbon. Being a custom drone designer/builder I've handled and built drones with the very best frames in the entire industry and I guarantee you this frame is top shelf in terms of quality, functionality, and performance!

Sample Video:


- Innovative, versatile and functional design focused on Cinematic Drone Flight

- 3" and 4" prop acceptability with no drone in view using your GoPro MAX, Insta360 One-R, and Rylo cams! (with proper "thin" components)

- New SUPER-WIDE-X motor layout for SUPER stable cinematic flight

- The wide stance and incredible center-of-gravity enables one of the most stable cinematic rigs available and is great for Traditional GoPro Cameras as well as 360 cams via different easily swappable front-mounts!

- Multiple battery mounting positions for different uses of CG

- New optional and removable high strength CARBON FIBER guards available!

- The drone completely DISAPPEARS from your 360 footage!!

- One frame, TONS of mounts! This frame was designed for ultimate versatility!

- Future-Proof EXTRA mounting holes for limitless possibilities. Tons more mounting options and accessories coming to add even more versatility to your Cine-Bird frame!

* DJI HD FPV works using the air unit or vista, but I recommend using the full Air Unit. (Vista requires the DJI Mount and VIsta Conversion Mount)

* This is the mount and standoffs only. You will also need a Cine-Bird Frame to fly.




 Current Available Mounts: Standard, MAX, One-R, RYLO, & DJI Air Unit (fits any of the dji air units)


Recommended Set-Up:

- BetaFPV 20a Toothpick AIO Board

- V2 Stan FPV 2203 3390kv T-Mount Motors

- Gemfan 76mm penta T-Mount(2 Little Bolts) Prop

- XM+ (FrSky) or Crossfire Nano Rx (Crossfire)

- TBS Pro32 Nano Vtx

- Foxeer/Caddx/Runcam FPV Cam

(Nano 14x14 for Invisible Mounts, Micro 19x19 for Standard Mount)

- 1000-1100mah 3s Lipo for invisible set-up and almost any lipo with the standard set-up.



I've worked really hard to make this one of the most innovative, versatile, and unique frames in a long time and I am more happy with it than I even thought possible when I first started this project!

It is also one of the, if not the very, most STABLE cinematic platforms I've ever flown. Get ready to take your cinematic filming and content creation to the next level with the Cine-Bird Frame-Kit from Stan FPV 🔥


"Fly like a CINE-BIRD!"




*Fly responsibly and within your skill level.
*Don't risk other's safety in any way.
*A heavy quad can break things when it crashes even if it doesn't break a nail doing it.. SO ALWAYS BE CAREFUL EVERY FLIGHT!
*I am in no way responsible for any damages that you may cause with your new confident flying. INDOOR FLYING is CRAZY and HARD and DANGEROUS even with UDP-Guards. FLY AT YOUR OWN RISK.
*So again.. FLY SAFE! and HAVE FUN!!

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