Stan FPV 2203 Pro Motor - (1500kv) - for 5mm Shaft or T-Mount Props
Stan FPV 2203 Pro Motor - (1500kv) - for 5mm Shaft or T-Mount Props
Stan FPV 2203 Pro Motor - (1500kv) - for 5mm Shaft or T-Mount Props
Stan FPV

Stan FPV 2203 Pro Motor - (1500kv) - for 5mm Shaft or T-Mount Props

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Motor and I took my 2203 3390kv motor and dropped them to the lowest kv they could reliably handle and we got a CRAZY balance of performance and efficiency across multiple uses!

Oh, and I "BLACK'D" them out too!! 😉🖤♥

These amazingly crafted motors will fly your Feather or other 4"-6" feather light frame for 35-55+ mins on 4s! That is NOT a typo! ESPECIALLY using a Feather Ultra-Light frame with my 6" Low Pitch T-Mount 6" Prop from HQ! (available HERE)

Switch up the power to 6s and they are the most AMAZING featherlight freestyle/racing motors on 5" and ABSOLUTE BEASTS on 6"! They are incredibly smooth and have so much efficiency and power! You can run any pitch prop and they will not even get warm! They also are so efficient they barely have voltage sag at all even while keeping the throttle at max! 

Imagine flying a turbo - THAT is what my line of "shorter/wider motors" are like.. They are EXTREMELY EFFICIENT when you're easy on the throttle - they purr like a kitten not wanting to "change" - providing a smooth and efficient ride... Crank up the juice and start feeding them throttle input and they are EXTREMELY POWERFUL! They will take a millisecond for the rpm to start to increase, similar to a turbo, and then you will feel the blast off utilizing it's high torque and flywheel effect alongside incredible heat dispersion! Able to seemingly spin any pitch prop without breaking a sweat while weighing under 20g a motor!

The shafts in all my pancake motors are shorter than comparable use motors and as a result they are subjected to much less leverage / force and are substantially more durable in crashes too! 💥 The quality of materials we use ALSO helps with durability - everything in this motor is from the very TOP shelf! 💪

In short, it's something that "feels" really good in a lot of different flight styles and can provide a ton more power and/or flight time to tons of different kinds of drones depending on what set up you use them on and how you fly them! 🔥🔥♥

Did I mention I BLACK'D them out?!?! 🔥


T-Mount - 18.7g w/ 195mm length wire

5mm Shaft - 19.7g w/195mm wire length wire


This motor is recommended for:

- 3s - 6s set-ups

- 4" - 6" prop set-ups

- 12 x 12 motor bolt pattern

- PERFECT motor for 5"- 6" Ultra-Light Long Range (up to an ~HOUR flight time with 6"!) on 3s-4s! 

- PERFECT motor for 5" - 6" Ultra-Light /Freestyle/Cruiser/Racing Builds on 4s-6s!

- PERFECT motor for 6S CINE-BIRDs or any other 6s Invisible Drone! (more details coming!) 


Please note:

- T-Mount Version is required to be used on "Invisible Drones"

- 5mm Version will work on all other types of builds


Always be responsible, follow local laws and regulations, and stay within your comfort zone. 


Have fun most importantly!


Fly like a Bird! 🦅♥ 

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