Proxy EXT Cinewhoop Frame-Kit
Proxy EXT Cinewhoop Frame-Kit
Proxy EXT Cinewhoop Frame-Kit
Proxy EXT Cinewhoop Frame-Kit
Proxy EXT Cinewhoop Frame-Kit
Proxy EXT Cinewhoop Frame-Kit
Stan FPV

Proxy EXT Cinewhoop Frame-Kit

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A no compromise, full/naked GoPro capable, high performance cinewhoop frame with lightweight, nearly indestructible Ducted Propeller Guards that flies smoother and quieter! 🔥🔥

Take your FPV Proximity Flying to the NEXT LEVEL with a PROXY EXT Cinewhoop!

It has been a long, hard road to bring Proxy to life. Proxy was conceived from years and years of research and experience - it is a SPECIAL CINEWHOOP FRAME around a SPECIAL SET of UDP-GUARDS - together they are NO COMPROMISE, LIGHTER WEIGHT, and FULL PERFORMANCE!! 😍

PROXY is exactly what a cinewhoop SHOULD be, while also being easier to build, work on, and maintain! Less is MORE! 

With a wide base of support and plenty of clean air for each tuned duct/prop, this build also has some of the best handling of any ducted set up! 

Recommended Components:

  • Motors: Stan FPV 2203 3390kv Pro 5mm Shaft (3s-4s) / Stan FPV 1407 2410kv 5mm Shaft (4s-6s)
  • AIO/Stack Amperage: 20a-35a
  • Props: D76 / 3x3x3 / 3x5x3

Frame Specs:

  • Motor Mount Holes: 9x9 - 12x12 M2 (4)Hole
  • Stack Mount Holes: 20x20 M3 / 26x26 M2
  • Analog/HD Compatible: Yes / Yes
  • HD Air Unit/Accessory Mount Holes: 20x20 M2
  • Motor Size: 2203 / 1407 5mm Shaft
  • Prop Size: 3" 5mm Shaft
  • Lipo Size: 550 - 1300mah 3s-4s / 450 - 1100mah 4s-6s
  • FPV Cam Size: Any
  • GoPro: Naked / Full

Frame-Kit Includes:

  • (1) Main Carbon Fiber Plate
  • (1) Secondary Carbon Fiber Plate
  • (4) M3x25mm Aluminum Standoffs
  • (7) M3x6mm Screws
  • (2) M3x8mm Screws
  • (1) M3 Spare/Optional Pressnut
  • (1) Vibration Dampening Proxy GoPro Screw Mount
  • (1) M5 Nut
  • (1) Set of FPV Cam Mounts (Fits ANY size cam!)
  • (1) Proxy Battery Pad
  • (1) Stan FPV 250mm Strap
  • (1) Stan FPV 150mm Strap

w/ Injected Guards Also Includes:

  • (4) Injected Proxy Ducted Propeller Guards
  • (12) M2x14mm Mounting Screws
  • (4) Removable TPU Protective Tops


* GoPro / Lipo / Motors, etc not included - Available separately. 

* Always fly within your comfort zone and be even more mindful around others. Give drones a good name and be responsible and respectable with your new high performance FPV cine drone ♥


- Have FUN!

- Fly like a Bird! 🦅

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