Naked GoPro 6 BEC Board
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Naked GoPro 6 BEC Board

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The BEC output voltage is 5V@2A, avoid insufficient power supply to the FC board. Also, stock buttons and LEDs are integrated.

  • Integrated GoPro stock buttons, Power/Mode Button and Record Button.
  • Integrated GoPro stock LED to know the status of the camera.
  • The pad is available for pilots to control the GoPro recording via the radio transmitter.
  • With the pluggable connector, which is easier to connect with your flight controller for power supply and recording.


  • Item: BEC Board for Naked Camera
  • Weight: 1.53g/1.57g
  • Output: 5V @ 2A
  • Input voltage: 2-4S 
  • Connector: GH 1.25 3P connector

BEC Board Diagram

The two buttons on the BEC board have the same functions as the GoPro spare buttons. Three actions we will use frequently.

  • Power on-Press the power/mode button, the LED flashes three times and goes out. 
  • Start recording-Press the "Record" button once and the LED flashes slowly. If the LED flashes once and goes off, it means there is no SD card. 
  • Stop recording-Press the "Record" button, the LED stops blinking slowly.

BEC Board for GoPro HERO6/7




  • 1 * BEC Board for GoPro HERO6/7
  • 1 * GH1.25 Power Cable (80mm 30AWG)

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