HQ Durable Prop T5X2X3
HQ Durable Prop T5X2X3
HQ Prop

HQ Durable Prop T5X2X3

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Great prop for the Cine-Bird XL! This prop will give you more "grip" and reaction at the price of a small amount if flight time. It flies so well tho it's worth it! 🔥




  • Propeller Diameter: 5 inch       
  • Pitch : 2                
  • Blades : 3
  • Material : Poly Carbonate        
  • Weight :2.5g
  • Hub Diameter : 9.8mm           
  • Hub Thickness:5mm         
  • Shaft :1.9/1.4/1.9mm 
  • Adaptor Rings : NO


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