2.5" (3D PRINTED) "Under Mounted Motor" Universal Ducted Propeller Guards (FULL SET + 1 FREE!)
2.5" (3D PRINTED) "Under Mounted Motor" Universal Ducted Propeller Guards (FULL SET + 1 FREE!)
2.5" (3D PRINTED) "Under Mounted Motor" Universal Ducted Propeller Guards (FULL SET + 1 FREE!)
2.5" (3D PRINTED) "Under Mounted Motor" Universal Ducted Propeller Guards (FULL SET + 1 FREE!)
Stan FPV

2.5" (3D PRINTED) "Under Mounted Motor" Universal Ducted Propeller Guards (FULL SET + 1 FREE!)

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By placing the motor, propeller, and UDP-Guard UNDER the arm we do a few things! We create a more stable flying platform by enabling the heavy HD cam to be mounted more centralized because both the FPV and/or HD cams get MUCH LESS props (if any) in view! No more needing to have the camera so far forward and offsetting the CG!

Another bonus of this design is being able to use the full size prop the frame is meant for! On the OG UDP-Guard we need to get the duct all the way around the prop so to do this and not hit the frame body on top we need to run one size smaller prop than the frame is designed for, BUT with the UNDER MOUNTED MOTOR design we have the extra room where the body takes up on top that is open on bottom and can fit the duct around the full size propeller (true in most cases.. not all frames will do this for sure. Try at your own risk or put on a 2.5" frame to be sure.)

Also by design things are less likely to be sucked into the duct and less resistance on exit for better efficiency and smoother flight feel! There is no more need for a removable top, the TPU BUMBER is HERE!

Lift a FULL GOPRO HERO for around 3 minutes flight time nimbly!

Take your MICRO to the NEXT LEVEL!

*Increased Safety
*Increased Efficiency
*Quieter Flight Noise
*Increased Load Abilities
*Smoother Flight Performance
*Acro-able (indoor/outdoor)
*Aesthetic AND Functional Drone Accessory
*Universal Fit
*FREE SET of HQ Props & Longer Bolts INCLUDED!

Frame: 2" or larger
Motors: 11xx - 14xx
Recommended Propeller: 2" HQ 2x2.5x3

Easily convert your current 2" or larger micro drone into a safe smooth powerhouse! Indoor or outdoor, HD cam or just fun flying! They fit any 11xx-14xx (4) screw bolt pattern and are shipped with multiple sizes of rubber spacers to lock in the perfect height while also dampening the whole system and keeping tension on the bolts to keep them tight.

Most frames that holds a 2" prop will fit these UNDER MOUNTED MOTOR UNIVERSAL DUCTED PROPELLER GUARDS! Simply bolt them onto the TOP of each arm with the motor bolts. When tightened, the bolts are then recessed. This set-up uses a 2" propeller in place of the bigger one and outperforms in almost every way! (I slapped these on an old Babyhawk R and flew for 5 mins on one battery in my house doing ACRO, and it flew WELL too! Can you say FUN?! I can!!) It lets the motors work less with the same performance which enables our propellers to handle a higher load and give better flight times because of the increased thrust and efficiency! They more than make up for the weight of themselves while providing safety and smoother flight feel.

(*Video was shot with the same size OG UDP-Guard also available on this site)

Having these on will make your quad quieter too! Aero and sound wave flow was taken into consideration and implemented here, actually REDUCING prop noise! It's literally like magic and one of the best features about this design. The sounds aims up and down, reducing perceived side noise.

And THE most important feature of all.. SAFETY!! Before these I flew without protection and was sliced multiple times by a propeller blade, the worst being on my calf and that sent me on a mission to protect others from harm and to help give drones a good, safe name. These guards were months in the making, I literally put hundreds of hours into making these what they are today.. And let me tell you - THEY DELIVER! So well in fact, that I've included running into myself as a test to show people how well they perform ;) That part is really true!

And although these things will shock you with how strong they are and can take more of a beating then I ever intended them to take, in no way am I going to tell you these things can't break! Anything is breakable! These guards are designed to break right before the arm would, to save you money and time. Replacing a guard is 6 screws, cheap and painless, while replacing an arm or even worse a unibody frame, can be a timely task and even a few days without flying! I've broke and had to order and wait to replace tons of micro parts before these prop guards and now it's just straight to the fun! And if I do crash too hard it's a super easy fix and it saves my frame and even props from breaking. (Note: the smaller size the guard/drone, the more durable it will be in crashes)

They come in a variety of colors! A perfect way to express yourself thru your drone! Coordinate GUARD COLORS with your PROPS to make the COOLEST, SMOOTHEST and most VERSATILE drone ever! Get creative and make your drone look as awesome as it flies! These do ACRO like a beast too! INDOOR ACRO with the Babyhawk R anyone? I'll tell you from experience, it's SO fun!!

Cinewhoop flying anyone?! No need to go out and buy a whole new drone to get great footage. These convert your current drone into a film making BEAST! Smooth out the flight of your current rig and carry that GoPro too for some amazing cinematography potential in a VERY LITTLE package! 3 minutes flight time lifting a FULL HERO7 on 2" props is normal with these!

There's really no downside to these. It's a win-win-win-win! If you fly 2"+ micro drones, then you need these. Either way they are now an invaluable tool in my filming/fun-safe-flying arsenal!

What's Included:
A set of (4) guards + (1) FREE spare! = (5) GUARDS
(5) 2mm Rubber Spacers
(5) 1mm Rubber Spacers
(1) Set of 2" HQ Props
(32) Longer M2 Bolts (16)6mm, (16)8mm)

Toothpick, 2.5", 3", 4", 5" & 6" Original UDP-Guard VERSIONS ALSO AVAILABLE!





*Longer motor bolts necessary and included (2mm-4mm longer depending on your rubber spacer configuration and frame thickness. Likely to be 4mm increase in bolt length)
*Fly responsibly and within your skill level.
*Don't risk other's safety in any way.
*A heavy quad can break things when it crashes even if it doesn't break a nail doing it.. SO ALWAYS BE CAREFUL EVERY FLIGHT!
*I am in no way responsible for any damages that you may cause with your new confident flying. INDOOR FLYING is CRAZY and HARD and DANGEROUS even with these guards. FLY AT YOUR OWN RISK.
*So again.. FLY SAFE! and HAVE FUN!!

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