RTF Drones

This is where the magic happens! This is where you choose your preferred set-up and I will custom build you're quadcopter with the same love that I put into my own! I can use any of my proven build plans or do something completely new and one of a kind for you! I love to make custom birds and love to help everyone experience this amazing hobby. I build in the order of payment received, so get your order in today! I am honored and look forward to building / supplying the parts for your next custom FPV drone!

NOTE: CUSTOM BUILT DRONES are currently NOT AVAILABLE because of global shortages / high demand except what is listed below. 

Moving forward I am accepting new builds only a few brief times a year IF I am lucky enough to have the time. If you're interested in a custom build make sure to act fast when they're available! 🤘🏼

"Fly like a Bird!" 🦅