DIY Kits, Custom Builds, and RTF FPV Drones


DIY Kits are a great way to build your own drone. You will receive all top-of-the-line components and accessories that are chosen to seamlessly work together. I do the heavy lifting on these kits and you just grab a cup of coffee, or your favorite beverage, turn on your soldering iron (available here!) and have an evening of fun and relaxation as you follow the build videos (on the way!) and build your new FPV Drone - similar to building a model car or airplane, for example.. but the amazing thing about building your FPV Drone is that after you're finished building it, even MORE fun is to be had for potentially years and years FLYING IT!! And since you built it and have a feel for it inside and out, you'll be able to easily replace any single piece if you ever bash too hard! It's always a good thing to be able to work on your drone and this is a great way to skip the mistakes and get every top-shelf part, upgraded antennas, heat shrink, zip ties.. Everything! This is my recommended way to really get INTO FPV in the most immersive and knowledge building way that will give you a great set of build/repair skills and will get you up and flying in the shortest amount of time, being able to proudly say you built your own FPV Drone!

Custom Builds are back as well!! (but extremely limited - each drone is built myself by hand, with great love and care - this takes time!) But still, if you'd like to skip all the building yourself and get right into flying - You can order a custom build option and you'll receive a READY-TO-FLY FPV drone built, tested, and tuned by me personally! I will build as many as I possibly can, but no matter what I refuse to cut corners or skimp on quality at all for any drone. I build each like it is for me and I need it for a job. I've been here before and the reality is I'm only one person so I can't beat physics, even tho that would be pretty darn cool if so! This being said, I build on a first pay, first build philosophy and will complete custom drones in the order of payment received - so it's always a good idea to get your order in early if you really want to make sure I can build it in plenty of time for you to enjoy this season!

For the 2022 Season, all of my Custom Builds and DIY Kits use top-of-line FETtec, TBS, TrueRC, Caddx, Stan FPV, and other top quality FPV brands. These are the heavily pricier options to use, especially with the chip shortage, but over my experience they have proven immensely more reliable over budget gear and worth every penny. Especially when I'm filming for clients such as Toyota USA, I wouldn't have it any other way. When you bring this philosophy into your every day drone too - you get a suuper reliable FUNhorse! (like "workhorse" but for fun!) That will perform as it should, reliably, for potentially ever!

As they say, "You get what you pay for" and whether you're buying your drone for professional reasons, or if you're just having FUN - Stan FPV has got you covered with an array of DIY/Build options! Happy flying everyone!

"Fly like a Bird!" 🦅

- Stan Maziarz Jr (Stan FPV)