RTF Drones

BNF / RTF Drones are BACK!! 😍🔥

This time, at a much lower quantity and higher quality approach!

I was previously hiring 3rd party drone builders and I sincerely appreciate all of they're hard work and effort, I really do - (I tried many) but it was luck if I didn't have to fix things before the drones went out to customers anyway because of my strict standards and so it was very difficult to manage the entire process, ensure a quality product, and I was even losing money overall a lot of the time. This lead to more problems than it was worth.

I'm going back to the basics - similar to when Stan FPV was first a brand and it was just me building them then too - like then, each bird now gets a lot more individual time and love! I have taken back over all building until further notice! I will be doing the entire process again in-house to ensure sure you get the highest quality final product available! ♥

Because of this tho, there will only be a very limited quantity of custom builds available each month. I will do my best! 

I am excited to offer full drones again and to help others experience what FPV should feel like the right way!

- Stan Maziarz Jr (Stan FPV)

This is where the magic happens! You choose your preferred set-up and I will custom build you're quadcopter with the same love that I put into my own! I can use any of my proven build plans or do something completely new and one of a kind for you! I love to make custom birds and love to help everyone experience this amazing hobby. I build in the order of payment received, so get your order in today! I am honored and look forward to building / supplying the parts for your next custom FPV drone! 😀

"Fly like a Bird!" 🦅

* I will be building again only part time until late September when school starts - and then I will be building full time from then on!